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Almost supernatural: your Mac and PC support

I don't save the world, but I regularly save data. I also get computers up and running again, install software and fix all kinds of problems. If it's urgent, I'm quickly on the spot.

My offers:

Apple setup with iMac MacBook and iPad

Apple Macintosh Support

Apple products are like superheroes: They have a reputation for being durable and reliably fulfilling their mission. But MacBooks, iPhones, iPads & Co. can also cause problems. In that case, I'm happy to be on the spot quickly.

Senior needs computer help

Computer help for seniors

Unlike the gimmicks in Bond movies, using computers and smartphones can be learned. Even if you are in your prime and don't feel completely confident. Don't worry: I'll teach you the necessary skills step by step.

Symbol image e-shopping computer purchase

Computer sales

Buy your individual computer - ready to use, including commissioning and delivery. Of course you can also buy laptops and other hardware from me.

Man with laptop without backup over head

Data backup

Do you want to prevent losing important files or your digital photos forever? With my fully automated backup you store everything safely on a Swiss server.

Data recovery: picture of a nerd on an old computer

Data recovery

Have you lost data? Then you should shout for help loud enough for me to hear you. The faster I come over, the greater the chance of recovering all the data.

Repair - funny picture of a man on an old iMac

PC service and repair

Sometimes computers are quite bad guys. When they don't do what you want. Or when they don't respond at all. Then I come as called. By the way, I can also prevent such problems from occurring in the first place.

Image of smartphone for smarthome control

Smartphone, tablets & other devices

What used to be a mobile phone is now a high-performance computer. Smartphones, tablets and other devices (smartwatches, health accessories, etc.) are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of setup and maintenance. I will help you find the right device and troubleshoot.

Screenshot Windows 11 after update


Help, a new Windows version has arrived. Don't worry: I'll advise you whether an update makes sense and set up your computer anew. So you will soon be more productive in everyday life.


Your PC support in Härkingen and the whole Mittelland region

Vital, Claude Vital. In not too secret mission I am on duty from Härkingen in the adjacent cantons. You are also welcome to visit me in my operations center in the Gäuzentrum office building in Härkingen.
My distinguishing features are the Basel dialect, the disarming honesty, the knack for technology and the renunciation of combustion engines.

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