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Keep young: computer help and computer courses for seniors.

Are you in your prime and feel unsure about using computers and smartphones?

Don't worry: dealing with technology can be learned. I explain computers and programs with patience and understanding.

Senior needs computer help

Especially for older people, digital services can be very helpful. I will be happy to show you many applications that make your life easier:

    • Thanks to online shopping , you can have heavy items like beverages, canned goods or detergents conveniently delivered to your home.
    • Carrying cash on you is risky. With e-banking, you can pay bills quickly and easily. What's more, you always have an overview of your finances.
    • Online you can easily buy a bus ticket or a ski pass, but also book a table in a restaurant. I'll show you how to do that.
    • Are your loved ones not around right now? Today there are many programs that allow you to make video calls or send pictures. I will set them up for you.

Of course, my offer is not limited to these topics. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact me.

Individual computer courses for seniors

I like to pass on my joy of working with computers. In an individual course I answer all your questions. Step by step I show you how to find your way around. Thanks to my patient and understanding nature, I have already been able to help many seniors.

I come as called - computer help in Solothurn and surroundings

The easiest way for me is to consult you at your home. This way I can work directly on your computer and answer your questions personally. I am happy to visit you for computer help in the cantons of Solothurn, Bern, Basel, Baselland and Aargau.

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