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Data gone? Probably not.

Have you accidentally deleted data? The bad news: You need my support. The good news: I can often recover the data. The important thing is that you contact me quickly contact.

Data recovery: picture of a nerd on an old computer

Most often, data is lost by mistake. One wrong click is enough and they seem to have disappeared. Fortunately, mostly only seemingly. As long as you do not overwrite your hard disk (or any other storage medium) with new data, I can recover it in the vast majority of cases. Data recovery is also possible in case of mechanical damage.

Take precautions - with the right backup

I not only rescue data, but help you to prevent it from being lost in the first place. Because a lot of data is valuable, financially or emotionally. Storage space, on the other hand, is very cheap today.

With my backup solution you save all important data automatically on a Swiss server. So you are 100% on the safe side, even if your hard drive crashes or you have made a mistake.

Data recovery - Your partner in the Solothurn region

In case of data loss or computer repairs, the best thing to do is to call me. So we can quickly make an appointment and save what can be saved.